Sermon Series

  • Sun 20 Oct: DISCIPLES - Hear & Obey (Ben Johnson): download

  • Sun 27 Oct: DISCIPLES - Love and Welcome all (Bree Mills): download

  • Sun 3 Nov: DISCIPLES - Speak from their heart (Ben Johnson): download

  • Sun 10 Nov: DISCIPLES - Give generously (Bre Wilkinson): download

Extended Worship

  • Sun 29 Sept: A sacrifice of worship: download


Sermon Series

  • Sun 1 Sept: The Day of the Lord is near (Andrew Malone): download

  • Sun 8 Sept: Rend your heart and not your garments (Ray Ternes): download

  • Sun 15 Sept: You will praise the name of the LORD your God (Andrew Malone): download

  • Sun 22 Sept: Bring down your warriors, Lord! (Ben Johnson): download

One Another

Sermon Series

PDFs of the powerpoint presentations that were used for the sermons have been uploaded. Please use these for further discussions with your Life Group members.

  • Sun 21 July: Love ONE ANOTHER (Bree Mills): download

  • Sun 28 July: Value ONE ANOTHER (Drew Mellor): download

  • Sun 4 Aug: Forgive ONE ANOTHER (Bree Mills): download

  • Sun 11 Aug: Serve ONE ANOTHER (Anne-Marie Ternes): download

  • Sun 18 Aug: Stand with ONE ANOTHER (Bre Wilkinson): download

  • Sun 25 Aug (5pm): Speak truth to ONE ANOTHER (Ben Johnson): download

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A community living hope

Sermon Series


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Additional Bible Studies


  • A picture of what we are called into ​(Sun 28 Apr, Drew Mellor): download

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Extravagant Hospitality

Sermon Series


  • Extravagant God (Sun 3 Mar, Drew Mellor): download

  • Extravagant Love/Service (Sun 17 Mar, Sharon Footit): download

  • Extravagant Provision (Sun 24 Mar, Bree Mills)  download

  • Extravagant Response (Sun 31 Mar, Ben Johnson) download

  • Extravagant Invitation (Sun 7 Apr, Andrew Malone) download

  • Extravagant Worship (Sun 14 Apr, Andrew Malone) download

  • Extravagant Joy (Easter Sun 21 Apr, Andrew Malone) download

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Authentically Connected

Sermon Series

  • Auth. Connected- to a Triune God (Sun 10 Feb, Drew Mellor): download

  • Auth. Connected- with other Believers (Sun 17 Feb, Bree Mills): download

  • Auth. Connected- in the World (Sun 24 Feb, Bre Wilkinson): download

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