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Our society is experiencing a great hunger for connection. There is a desire to recover a sense of relationship and community which has been lost in the individualism of Western culture. In a large church such as ours, smaller gatherings are vital for connecting. These smaller gatherings are where discipleship, mission and accountability happens. At GWAC we have two different smaller gatherings you can be a part of, Gospel Communities and Life Groups.


Gospel Communities are groups of Jesus followers participating with God in His mission, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, to demonstrate and declares the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a specific pocket of people. These groups are often larger than a typical small group, so that they are more effective in their mission setting. Gospel communities love to do life together, to learn together as disciples, and to seek to reach out to a local group of people. 

Life groups are simply great places to connect, to experience and share our life in Christ. From New Testament times, the people of God have gathered together in homes to learn and grow, to care for and encourage one another, to worship and pray, to build robust personal relationships and to engage in mission. Life groups focus on 'doing life' with others in the group in such a way as to encourage and foster relationship with God, with each other and with friends and work associates who as yet do not know Jesus, but do not necessarily have a 'shared' local mission component.




Life Groups


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