Infant Baptism

Why Infants?

Infants are baptised on the basis of faith expressed by the parents and godparents (also called sponsors), with the understanding that their child will confirm his or her personal faith in Christ when they are old enough to do so

Why will some parents choose a Dedication?


Because some parents want their child to make the choice to be baptised when they are older, they may opt to dedicate their child. This is an acceptable option and carries significant commitment on behalf of the parents. The parents dedicate their child to God in recognition that they have been entrusted with the care and nurture of the child, that he or she may one day make their personal faith commitment to Christ and be baptised.

Who may be godparents (sponsors) ?

Godparents are people who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and themselves have been baptised. During the service of baptism, parents and godparents will be asked to respond yes to the following questions:

  • Do you turn to Christ?

  • Do you repent of your sins?

  • Do you renounce evil?

In selecting godparents, it is best to choose people who will be best placed to help your child grow in Christian faith and who will take an active interest in helping your child grow to maturity in Christ.

What responsibilities do godparents have?

  • Actively support and encourage the child as they grow, so the child learns more about being a follower of Christ.

  • Be involved in the “special times” of the child’s growth and seek opportunities to talk about your own relationship with Christ.

  • Support the Child as they approach the time in their life when they might personally confirm the promises made on their behalf at baptism.

What else can Parents do?

Baptism is not simply a “naming ceremony”. It is an opportunity for parents and the whole family to develop a stronger relationship with God. It may be that parents of the child have lost contact with a church recently. This is a great time to reconnect. Continue to pray, asking God to help you nurture your child.

How does Baptism take place?

Infant Baptisms, Dedications and Thanksgiving for the birth of a child are usually held within the 10.30am Service on a Sunday.

Is there an alternative to Baptism or Dedication?

Yes. If, in all honesty, parents feel they are not ready to make the promises outlined earlier, a Thanksgiving Service maybe more appropriate and can be arranged.

What to do now?


The following steps are suggested: 

  • Read over this web-page so you understand what is involved in Baptism, Dedication or Thanksgiving for your child and family.

  • Click on the “Sign Up Here” link below to fill in the online application form.

  • Arrange a time to speak with Bree Mills, 9560 7494 who will discuss with you the preparation required and a suitable date..

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