Equipping young leaders to step into their calling

 What is LAUNCH? 

A year long, part time, Christian leadership experience.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to be trained in leadership skills, develop in spiritual maturity, deepen their love for Jesus and be strategically placed to serve in different parts of God’s church.

LAUNCH seeks to develop leaders by creating support networks, great training and guided spiritual formation.

As with so many things in 2020, things have changed and are changing. We are adapting as the situation unfolds and planning a very adaptable program that we hope will thrive in a post-covid world.

Here are a few things we can say with some certainty at this early stage:

  • The program will be a hybrid online/in-person format. We are committed to some in-person meetings but only when it is 100% safe and sensible to do so.

  • GWAC will be joining with a small number of other Anglican churches around Melbourne in running the program. Combining our resources and expertise will increase the quality and diversity of the program.

  • The program will be more specifically focused on Youth Ministry.


In Team

Trainees meet weekly as a group. In these meetings the group will sharpen

each other, learn from God’s word, interact with experienced Christian leaders

and grow in their own Christian leadership.

Curriculum will be delivered in modules of 5-6 weeks. Each module will be

facilitated by a leader from a participating Anglican Church in Melbourne.

One on One

Each trainee will have a coach with whom they regularly meet one-on-one.
These meetings will help trainees navigate the challenges of leadership and
grow in their understanding of the type of leader God has gifted them to be.


On the Job

Each trainee will take on a significant leadership role in the life of their local church where they can directly apply their learning.



The first requirement is that you love Jesus, have a desire to build your life on him and to share him with those who don’t know him.

Secondly, you need to be 18+ years of age by July 30th the year you begin the program.

Thirdly, ideally you have been a part of your church community for a minimum of 12 months.

Finally, the commitments of this part-time program would need to comfortably fit with your other responsibilities in life. For example, this program is better suited to full time workers with lots of flexible time, part time workers, students, and those taking a gap year.


Here is a breakdown of the key topics of our program. Each topic covers

multiple weeks and multiple learning styles.

  • Leadership and Character. How understanding ourselves and our
    relationships with God and others helps us lead well.

  • Team Leading. How to grow commitment and clear communication.

  • Leading Culture. Communities and teams full of grace and truth.

  • Leading Mission. Sharing the good news.

  • Strategy. Vision, purpose and change management.

  • Public speaking. From small groups to large crowds.


Dates: Feb 1st – Nov 28th (including five weeks of no scheduled program)

Time commitments:

  • One half day of group time every week 
    Most weeks this will be online via Zoom but we will meet in person approximately once every six weeks at a physical location (COVID restrictions allowing).

  • Participation in a significant ministry role. Times will vary depending on the role.

    • Examples: Life Group Leader, Ministry Coordinator, Local Chaplain, Gospel Community Leader, Coach, Mission Initiative Leader.

  • A coaching meeting at least every four weeks – 60-90 minutes (meeting time organised between you and your coach).

  • Study time as required.

  • Two Conferences/Mission Trips during the year (details TBC, there would be no group meeting those weeks).

Study Commitments:

Within the program you will complete at least six subjects from the Ridley College Certificate of Children’s and Youth Ministry.

EXAMPLE OF AN AVERAGE GROUP DAY: may vary due to restrictions

  • Morning Devotion and Spiritual Disciplines

  • Ministry Reflections and Sharing

  • Morning Tea Together

  • Leadership Development with an LAUNCH facilitator

  • Practical Skills Workshop

We expect the program to cost $2500-$3000 per person.
There will be scholarships available and as a church we will help you
fundraise to cover the cost of the program.

Click here for an initial expression of interest 
We would love to have a no-commitments chat with you

The process consists of an application form, reference checks and an interview. After the interview you will either be accepted into the program or contacted as to why your application has been declined.


Bre Wilkinson if you have any questions.


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