Mission Partners

Local Mission

Dale and Rachel Barclay, Samuel, Eden, Joseph and Talitha
Sunraysia Parish, Redcliffs, VIC (BCA)

Dale and Rachel Barclay serve in Sunraysia South Parish, Redcliffs. Dale is the minister and Rachel leading in their children's ministry ("Little Ducks"). Dale and Rachel were GWAC members in the 1990's, with Dale serving as youth pastor and then training for ordination. GWAC assists in the 'Bible in the Bush' weekend at Sunraysia South Parish every year (late October or early November). 

Cross-cultural Mission


cross-cultural Mission

Lynn Pryor, Library Support Consultant

As a church and as individuals, we are all shaped by Jesus teaching, how he modelled life and service, by his life-giving sacrifice and by his command to "go and in your going, make disciples of all nations...". 

What a privilege to be a part of God's mission - God bringing people into relationship with himself; as told in the Bible from the first book, lived out by Jesus himself,  and now continuing among every people and language. 

As co-workers with God, we pray, equip, send and go, in order to make disciples of Christ who make disciples of Christ. Our mission partners have been lead by God into various cross-cultural and local mission contexts; some are funded by GWAC and others agencies while others are self funded, however all are set apart, commissioned and supported in various ways.  A partnership with an overseas church is another way in which we seek to help make disciples for Jesus. 

Some of our ministry partners are not shown below as they are in sensitive regions - your prayer and encouragement is also vital for them. You can see find out more through our services and the missions information board. For each partner, a contact person helps in keeping GWAC informed and praying for our partners. Partners share their news - challenges and joys, via regular email updates.

Local Mission

Elizabeth Kendal - Persecuted Church

CROSS - cultural mission

Ben & Szilvia- Europe

Cross-Cultural Mission

Tavis and Kate Beer, Bek and Fin 
Northern Territory, Australia (CMS)

Tavis and Kate, Beka and Fin support Aboriginal Christian ministry through their local Anglican parish and in ministry training activities at several remote centres. They have learnt the Kriole language (used across the NT). The Beer family have been GWAC members for many years.

Cross-Cultural Mission

Pastors Sartono and Devi 
Mission of Truth church, a city in Asia 

Mission of Truth church is our partner church in a developing country. Their congregation meets in a disadvantaged neighbourhood of a large city. They seek to serve their local community through a children's programme and hope to provide educational support and maternal-infant healthcare.

Local & global Mission

Grant Bickerton
Power to Change Missionary

Local Mission

Bre Wilkinson

Sent Collective, Monash Uni

800 Waverley Rd, Glen Waverley, Vic, 3150

(03) 9560 7494 

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