GWAC Privacy Policy

 This document is the Privacy Policy of Glen Waverley Anglican Church (GWAC). GWAC is a fellowship of Christian believers who are committed to caring for each other, as well as those outside the fellowship.


Part of that care is that GWAC is committed to handling personal and confidential information appropriately. As GWAC’s Privacy Policy, this document outlines how GWAC manages personal and confidential information, and other issues related to privacy. This policy applies to GWAC staff and volunteers.

Why does GWAC collect, hold, use and disclose personal information?

GWAC collects personal information for the following reasons:


  • To communicate with its members and others who have expressed an interest in GWAC’s activities, including about weekly gatherings and other upcoming events;

  • To minister to its members and to other people seeking assistance;

  • To facilitate appropriate communication amongst its members, through the GWAC Directory;

  • To ensure proper financial accounting, including the issuing of receipts for tax deductible donations where applicable; and

  • To fulfil GWAC’s obligations as an employer.


How is personal information collected?


Personal information is generally collected directly from the individual. For example, an individual may speak with staff on the phone, communicate through correspondence (by letter, email or completing a form) or by face to face contact.


In some circumstances, information about an individual may be provided by somebody else. For example, a family member might ask for prayer for a sick family member, and for this prayer request to be passed on. In such a case, if the family member making the request gives permission, the prayer request may be included in a publication, such as a list of prayer points.

What kinds of personal information are collected?


Typically, the type of information collected about individuals is name, age, date of birth, occupation, mailing address, phone number(s), and email address. GWAC also collects information as required by proper financial accounting, that is, information related to donors of money.


GWAC collects health information with people’s consent when running certain activities, to ensure that these activities are safely run. Otherwise, GWAC collects information about individuals that is relevant to a fellowship of Christian believers, including prayer requests, and information relevant to births, marriages and deaths.

How is personal information stored or held?


GWAC uses a database system called ‘Elvanto’ to store most personal information. Elvanto is used by a number of churches worldwide. It is a secure system, and Elvanto indicate that they comply with Australian privacy law.3 More information about Elvanto can be found on their website:

Will GWAC disclose personal information overseas?


It is very unlikely that GWAC will disclose personal information overseas. Elvanto have informed GWAC that as an Australian customer, GWAC-related data is stored on servers located in Australia.


In the unlikely event that GWAC intends to disclose personal information overseas, in accordance with Australian privacy law, GWAC will either:

  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient of the information complies with Australian privacy law; or

  • Obtain the informed consent of the individual.

Privacy Officer


The GWAC Governance Board appoints a Privacy Officer from its number who is responsible to the Governance Board for monitoring and reporting on the implementation of this policy, recommending changes to this policy, and for oversight of the investigation and resolution of any alleged breaches of this policy.


GWAC’s Privacy Officer can be contacted by email or post:


Privacy Officer

Glen Waverley Anglican Church

800 Waverley Road

Glen Waverley VIC 3150


How can individuals access information held about them?


An individual can gain access to the information which GWAC holds related to them by requesting it from the GWAC Privacy Officer.


GWAC encourages its members to review and update their personal details in GWAC’s records each year prior to the annual general meeting. Individuals, whether members or not, are encouraged to advise GWAC of changes to their personal information, particularly contact details, at any time, by contacting the GWAC office. The GWAC office can be contacted by telephone on (03) 9560 7494.



Complaints about privacy may be made in writing to the GWAC Privacy Officer. Upon receipt of a complaint, the GWAC Privacy Officer will commence an investigation into the complaint, either personally, or by appointing an appropriate delegate to conduct the investigation. Complaints will be handled confidentially, except insofar as disclosure of the complaint is necessary to investigate the complaint, and for reporting/notification purposes. Complainants will be notified of the outcome of their complaint in writing, and of their right to make a complaint to the Australian Privacy Commissioner (


Availability of this policy


A current copy of this policy is available on the GWAC website. A hard copy will be provided free of charge upon request. As far as is reasonably practicable, the following wording will be included on any forms GWAC uses to collect personal information: Information collected is handled in accordance with the GWAC Privacy Policy available at


Revisions of this policy


This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains up-to-date.

Date of last review: May 2016

Date policy last updated: May 2016

800 Waverley Rd, Glen Waverley, Vic, 3150

(03) 9560 7494 

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