Philippians 3:1-14 – Confident in Christ’s Control

Today’s passage calls us to question, where do we place our confidence?

When we are confident with surgeons we are willing to surrender control of our bodies to them. When we are confident with a mechanic we are willing to trust them with the repair and safety of our cars. When we have confidence in our own abilities and qualifications in an area, we are more likely to lead what is happening in that space.

In this passage, Paul throws out all the reasons for confidence in himself. His birthright (v 5), his training (v 5), his actions (v 6), and his character (v 6). He states that he now considers these things “loss” (v 7) and “garbage” (v 8). For him, the most important thing is to know Christ. His purpose is to know Christ, to be found in him, and to press on towards what Christ has called him into. Everything else is loss. He warns the Philippian church not to be swayed by those who put their confidence in other places (v 1-2) but to stay focused on what Christ is calling them towards.

Where we place our confidence is often linked to where we allow control. Paul is confident in the salvation and the righteousness that he has through faith in Christ, not through law, qualifications, or works. He trusts God and so he presses forward, letting go of what is behind, and seeking to faithfully serve him.

What might it look like for us to put our confidence in Christ? To trust him, rather than lean on our own understanding? Perhaps we would grow in confidence of our place as God’s beloved children and would become more secure in our relationship with him. Perhaps we would grow in our trust in him and would worry less about our finances, our careers, or our children. Spend some time reflecting on your confidence in Christ and how you might be able to grow to trust him with all your heart.

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