Galatians 6:11-18

These last verses show what Paul says is the key to living the life of faith in Jesus Christ. He challenges us to consider what we are boastful about in our lives. Paul was boastful: In the crucified Messiah - Ga 6:14. To some, the message of the cross was foolishness, but Paul made it the focus of his ministry. He was not ashamed of the gospel. He also boasted of being himself, crucified with Christ - Ga 6:14b. In Christ he had been crucified to the world, of which he wrote about earlier in this epistle - Ga 2:20a, and in which he now lived a life of faith in Jesus - Ga 2:20b. Paul boasted about how this had changed his priorities in life - Ga 6:15-18; Circumcision, once important to him, had become irrelevant- Ga 1:11-17; the new creation in Christ was what now mattered, and this meant that he had a focus for blessing those with the same priorities (asking for understanding from them who had troubled him) - Ga 6:16-18.

Paul's boast was in the transforming power of Jesus Christ

DO WE BOAST IN THE CROSS OF CHRIST...? Some prefer to boast in other things, which they should not, such as their wisdom, their own strength, their own wealth. These are often the idols of our day that we can sometimes succumb to. Our boast should be in Christ and God, certainly not in anything else, but in coming to know God as He really is, and in what Christ does for us. When we boast of these things, we are prompted to change our priorities in life; to seek first the kingdom of God - Mt 6:33, and especially seeking to glorify God with all our hearts, for having saved us; as well as our bodies and spirits, seeking to glorify God with good works, and seeking to glorify God when we suffer for Christ. We boast in Christ, by being what He created us for in Christ

Whatever you boast about, or are proud of, is an indication of the focus of your heart. Reflect on what it means for you to boast in Christ and in God.

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