1 John 2:17-27 Stand in the Truth

I’m sure we have purchased or received a new electrical appliance and in the instruction manual are the warnings. This passage is like a warning sign or several warnings to be exact.

The writer is cautioning the followers, that a break away group have left the Christian community. Today’s reading refers to them as antichrists or false Christ. You may think it’s not relevant today, but it’s just as relevant today as it was in the early church. We must be alert, as we journey the path of righteousness.

There are six points which this group can be identified by. They say they know God but do not obey him and they claim to have no sin. Further they deny that Jesus is the son of God and deny the importance of His atoning death. Finally they will not like the believers, and continue to go on sinning and not do what is right.

In Chapters 1 and 2, John discusses light and darkness, sin and forgiveness. He warns us that we are liars if we do not live out our faith in our actions (v4) and ‘those who claim to be in the light but hate a fellow believer are still in the darkness’ (v9). In today’s passage those liars are those who have departed from the truth of Christ. This passage reminds us that there will be people like this. We are warned to be alert and encouraged to hold firmly to the good news.

In v20 ‘But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.’ We do not need to be influenced by false teachers. We heard the truth at the beginning when we first heard the gospel. And we are reminded to stay steadfast. If we hold firm to what we have heard from the beginning, if we remain in Christ, he has promised us eternal life (v25).

Today as we reflect on this passage, are we ready and alert, standing firm in the truth and remaining in Christ? Would you spend time praying that God would keep you and all of the GWAC community standing firm in Christ.

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