Exodus 1 - Faithfulness

The book of exodus opens highlighting the faithfulness of God, in both the big things and in the little things. We see that God is faithful to his promises, and faithful to those who revere him and surrender themselves to follow him.

In Genesis we see God promise Abraham that he will make a great nation through him, that his people would have their own land, and be a blessing to all people on earth (Gen 12). As part of this, God promised Abraham that his offspring would be as numerous as the stars in the sky (Gen 15). However, as the book of Genesis draws to a close, Joseph and his descendants are without their own land and the question remains; will God fulfil his promises to Abraham?

Exodus opens with the Israelites described as ‘fruitful’ and having ‘multiplied greatly’. They have ‘increased in numbers’ and ‘filled’ the land, thereby demonstrating that God was faithfully working out his purposes through this people, fulfilling his promise to Abraham and making them as numerous as the stars in the sky. Exodus is the story of the people of Abraham becoming the people of God, just as God had promised.

It was this growth in numbers that caused the Egyptians to fear, and then enslave the Israelites. As Pharaoh begins to treat them poorly, the story of two midwives highlights for the reader what an appropriate response to God’s faithfulness might look like; remaining faithful to God. These two women stand up to the most powerful person on earth at the time, someone viewed as a ‘god’ by their culture. Faced with a decision to either obey the command of Pharaoh or remain true to God, they choose to revere God and disregard Pharaoh. They put their own lives at risk in order remain faithful to God. They stood together, and maybe that is what gave them the courage to stand, and God blessed them for their faithfulness with their own families.

This passage highlights to us the faithfulness of God. Faithfulness in the big things, that he keeps his promises, and can be trusted to fulfil his purposes even when things don’t look like they are heading in the right direction. It also reminds us that God is faithful in the small things. The faithfulness of these two brave women is not overlooked. God is faithful, and their obedience to and reverence for God is honoured by him.

Today, what are some ways God is calling you to recognise his faithfulness to you? Do you know some of the promises God has made to you? How might you be able to respond in faithfulness to him?

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