Exodus 3 – Go In his power.

I love the image of the wilderness in book of Exodus. It paints a picture of those places far away, the ones that have no life and feel dry and barren, yet in Exodus God is always present in those places.

In today’s passage God gets Moses’ attention through the burning bush and begins to speak to him. Clearly Moses is afraid (v6). God declares his plan to rescue his people from Egypt, to bring them to a fruitful place, and he calls Moses to a role and purpose within his plan. I can imagine the fear in Moses, being called to go back where he knows he won’t be welcomed. He killed an Egyptian, and ran for his life, now God is calling him not only to go back to that place but to rescue a nation of people from a tyrannical leader. His response of effectively ‘why me?’ seems reasonable (v11).

Yet God’s response shows us the perspective change Moses needs to undergo. God first words of response are “I will be with you” (v12). Moses was looking internally for the reason for this call, ‘what could he have to offer?’, but God’s response shows that it is because of who he is and what he will do. What empowers Moses to live into this call is God’s empowering presence, not his own skills or abilities.

God goes on to describe himself as Yahweh, I am (v14). The same God who led Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who created and sustains the world, he does not change. He has no beginning no end, there is no reality without him, he depends on nothing else for his life, he is constant. Moses is told that this God is the God who is sending him.

Sometimes when we struggle to respond to God’s call on our lives it is because we, like Moses, have our eyes fixed on ourselves, rather than at our incredible God. When we look internally we see our brokenness, our failures and our lack of time or energy. However, when we change our gaze to be fixed on God we see his power, his control and his sustaining over us and his world. In our own power, God’s call on our lives always feels overwhelming. In his power, everything is possible. Spend some time today fixing your gaze on our loving and powerful God.

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