Exodus 4 – Please Send Someone Else!

“Please send someone else”. These four words often stand out when I read this passage, perhaps because it is so easy for us to associate with that feeling. It’s an extension of Moses’ ‘Why me?’ from yesterday’s reading.

Moses is still standing in front of that miraculous burning bush that doesn’t burn up (3:1-4), hearing about the miraculous things God is going to do to rescue his people (3:7-20), and not only rescue them, but allow them to plunder their captors (3:21-22). The conversation continues in today’s passage with a physical demonstration of God’s miraculous powers (4:1-7). I imagine it could have been one of those ‘mountain top’ experiences, where you walk away amazed at God’s power and provision. Yet Moses responds with, “Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else” (v13).

We can be quick to ‘side’ with Moses because we can readily place ourselves in his position, yet I wonder if you placed yourself in God’s shoes how you might look at this passage differently, especially verses 1-17? God has done everything to assure, inspire, encourage and demonstrate his power and presence with Moses, yet he can’t see past his own weaknesses. His excuses are very self-focused, “what if they do not believe me?” (v1) and “I am slow of speech and tongue” (v10). Where is God in his thinking? God has done so much do demonstrate his power, and that it is Him who will lead and speak, it’s no wonder he responds with anger in v14. Yet, I believe in his compassion for Moses, he allows Aaron to walk with him and speak for him. He must still live the call, and perform the signs, but Aaron will walk with him and speak.

This passage reminds me of God’s generosity to me. When I am faithless, and too caught up in my own weaknesses to believe and live out his call to me, God is patient. He provides a way, even though he has done more than enough to prove his faithfulness, power and provision for me, he often demonstrates again his faithfulness and generosity to me. If we find ourselves thinking ‘Please send someone else’, perhaps we need to be reminded of the incredible things God has done in the past and his promises to us for our future, and let that inspire us to live into his call in the present.

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