Exodus 6:13-7-7 – Your Weakness, His Strength

We have a children’s Bible story book: ‘Is that God at the door?’ It covers the events of these next 6 reflections, where the ‘God of the Hebrews’ challenges the Pharaoh of Egypt, as a result of hearing the cry of his people, now slaves in Egypt.

Pharaoh believed he was in control, but the Lord challenged his assumption in a mighty way. He took a man who lacked power and presence, who initially was disrespected by his Hebrew community; who stuttered uncontrollably; who didn’t really want to job in the first place; and he set him up, along with his brother, to reveal the presence and power of the Lord God Almighty; to Pharaoh, to the people of Egypt, and interestingly, to the Hebrew people themselves. They became the mouthpiece for the Lord, and they were only to speak what they heard from the Lord. The power of the Lord would be revealed in signs and wonders, and they were to enable a clear understanding of who was truly in charge; in Egypt, and in all the world. Moses is told in advance the events that will take place, the stubborn heart of Pharaoh, the drastic events that will unfold. Maybe Moses needed to know what would unfold, so that he could gather up his courage to do what the Lord was calling him to do, and trust that the Lord would be the one doing it all.

Certainly, in my life, it has been a real struggle to see myself in a leadership role. I was the intercessory prayer person, in the background; Greg was the upfront person, leading worship, preaching & teaching. Suddenly I was challenged by the Lord to be open to do what he asked of me. I made a vow: I would do anything that was asked of me, till it was obvious that I wasn’t gifted or skilled in what was asked of me. That led to many times where I felt out of my depth, and lacking in confidence. And then I heard my vow again, and I put my trust in the Lord, and my weakness became the vehicle for God to speak and act; for I knew that the only way I could do the things that were asked was if it was the Lord who used my weakness to show his power. Where is the Lord challenging your feelings of inadequacy, and promising you that if you step out in faith, ‘your weakness will become the vehicle for him to reveal his power’, as you are obedient, even in fear and trembling?

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