Exodus 18

This passage starts out with Jethro bringing Moses’ family back to him, then there is a celebration of all the things that God had done with the Israelites and finally a bit of wisdom is imparted to Moses. For me today the character that stood out the most was Jethro. He allowed Moses to marry his daughter, looked after her and the children while Moses went to Egypt and then reunites Moses and his family. These characteristics build a picture of a caring and supportive person. Yet in Verses 17-21 you see the wisdom that this man has as well.

The idea that God had surrounded Moses with capable people who could be taught to help with the day to day running of the community seems to be a new to Moses. It is Jethro that provided this insight, even as an outsider to the community.

It prompted me to reflect on whether I overlook the gifts and capabilities of the people around me and assume that I must carry the entire load of the different aspects of my life on my own. Where are there others who might be able to work with me to lighten the load?

The other thing that caused me to reflect was that Moses graciously accepted the wisdom and acted in it. He made a change. This caused me to wonder, am I gracefully accepting the wisdom of the people around me when they offer me advice? Jethro wasn’t even part of God’s rescued people from Egypt, and although he clearly worshipped God as we see him make sacrifices, he is a somewhat unexpected person to receive advice from.

So, I wonder if today as you go about your day are you listening for good advice from unexpected people? God uses people around us in many different ways for his glory, we need to have eyes to see how he might be at work through them.

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