Exodus 19

In this passage we hear that God will make the Israelite’s a blessing to the nations around them. They will be Gods chosen people (vs5-6). We also see the lengths that God goes to talk to His people, they must be made ritually clean and even then, He appears in a cloud of smoke.

The thing that stood out to me most clearly to me from this passage was how much God wanted to be in relationship with the Israelites. He wanted to make them his treasured possessions, he wanted to support Moses and Aaron to be leaders in the community. God asks for the Israelites to be made clean so that they wouldn’t be hurt when they stand before him.

I wonder that as followers of Jesus if we can on occasion take our personal relationships with God for granted. I know that in the past I have. I have been lax in my bible reading and in my times of prayer. I know that I sometimes seek to control all the aspects of my life, even though I promise to live under Gods rule.

Yet as I read todays passage I was struck by the gift of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We don’t have to go through complicated rituals to sit before the Lord and seek his comfort. We don’t need to have people stand between us and God. All we need to do is make a choice to follow and serve God.

So today, as we all reflect on this passage, are we taking the relationship that we have with God for granted or are there issues or barriers that are blocking you from drawing near to God? Take a moment today to pause and think about your relationship with God and to hand any things that might be barriers over to him.

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