Exodus 20

I was blessed to be raised in Christian home. As a very young person, my parents took the time to help my siblings and I to memorise the important things. Our home address and our home phone number, just in case we got we physically lost. The other thing that they made us memorise as a young person was the 10 Commandments. This passage is where God tells Moses for the first time the 10 Commandments for the Israelite’s. Looking back, I think getting us to memorise parts of this passage helped us stay spiritually grounded in the Lord.

God is not backward in coming forward to the Israelites. The first four commandments focus on their relationship with God. God is to be first in their lives, they are not to make idols, they are not take his name in vain and they are to rest on the Sabbath. It is from this focal point that the Israelite’s are to engage with the people around them, the next six Commandants are how the Israelites are to conduct their relationships.

As I was reflecting on this passage I realised that my parents were encouraging me to see that God was the centre of our lives. That my parents were trying to instill in us a way to live out Gods love to the people around us. I know that as an individual I had to make the choice to follow God. My parents couldn’t make that choice for me. However, as I read this passage I was incredibly glad that they taught us these commandments from such a young age. It has meant that as my circles of relationships have widened and I have grown, that I have focused on treating with the same respect, care and love found in the final six commandments. It also reminded me that I have the comfort and love of a God to focus on when the relationships I am in falter.

So today as you go out into our world, are you making God your focal point and is that changing how you talk to the people around you?

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