Exodus 23

Today the second half of today’s chapter stands out to me. If the past three chapters have been what God expects from His people, then it is from verses 20-33 that God tells the Israelites what they can expect from Him. That God will send an angel to prepare the way, that will teach and guide them. That God will heal and provide for them. That the land will be cleared of the people that were there, but in such a way that the stewardship of the land is not damaged.

Even in his rewards to the Israelites, they are reminded to remain faithful to God. They are reminded that they are not to have any god before Him, they were to destroy all the idols of other gods that they came across. Yet for all the warnings that God gives to them, this is the one thing that they often do throughout the rest of the Old Testament.

GWAC recently did a series looking at idolatry and I think it is a good moment to think about this issue again. Idolatry today doesn’t necessarily look like little figurines of god like figures, it’s when our possessions, experiences and relationships become more important to us than our relationship with God.

So today, take a moment to reflect on what you might be putting before your relationship with God? Are you able to put that thing back into its proper perspective? As a good thing that God has given you leaving God to be Lord of your life.

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