Exodus 35:30-36:7 - Abundance

I have been married to an artist for 46 years, and I know how he feels about his gifts and talents. He was passionate about creativity before he came to faith in Jesus, but he knew the passion and the giftedness come from God. So, for Greg, when he explores painting or drawing, they are ‘Holy Days’, and ‘Re-Creation’. They also represent creative time set apart as holy, to explore a relationship with the Creator as well as the created. In beauty, in colour, in intricacy, such artistic explorations are metaphors for another inner journey, a time and opportunity to spend Holy Days in God’s presence, to meditate, to think, to dwell on word and work, time to speak to God and be spoken to, and to find that rest which makes new.

Moses chose people of creative skills; Bezalel and Oholiab, filled them with God’s Spirit, wisdom, understanding & knowledge, so that they could hear the Spirit of God, and know how to express the wonder and beauty God sought to display, as well as the ability to teach others these skills. The creative skills went hand in hand with the capacity to hear and respond to the spirit and word of God. And the whole people of God responded with dedication and love for God, and a desire to participate in the work of creating the sanctuary where God could meet with his people. So many wanted to share in the work, to be generous, to give out of the abundance that was theirs, from the provision the Lord had given them, that the abundance was such that Moses told the people that the abundance of the freewill offering was more than enough for the work the Lord had commanded to be done. The people were restrained from bringing more, such was their desire to serve the Lord, and participate in making the meeting place for the Lord and the people a place rich in beauty and appropriately ‘Holy’ for the Lord to enter into.

We have had the privilege of participating in the ‘investing in God’s Kingdom appeal’, together over these last couple of months. In the video’s that began the appeal, we saw different people with different gifts and talents, being equipped to grow and share in the Kingdom of God, resourced, in part, through the commitment made by people of GWAC, who in their turn, have used their gifts and talents, for his glory, in training, in coaching, in mentoring, in administration, in service, in hospitality, and in creativity, through word, through drama, through drawing in painting. When we commit to give our all to the Lord, and see that all we have, all that we are, comes from God, there is always abundance. How have you seen this abundance and given thanks this week?

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