Exodus 36:8-38 - Using our skills

My mother did not sew. That meant, that with 4 daughters, we all developed skills in sewing/dressmaking. I remember at 16, making a linen trouser suit, with the jacket lined and double breasted. For those who may not be aware, linen is one of the hardest fabrics to work, because it creases with every movement. I wore this piece of artwork to my first job interview!!

And so, it is to needlework skills that this section of Exodus points us to. All those who were skilled among the workers made the tabernacle. It was a building that was made of a variety of fabrics, leather, linen, each part to be made to the pattern given by the Lord, in the earlier chapters. These artists are amazing. Their skills were remarkable- all the curtains were exactly and perfectly measured and made – as an occasional dressmaker; that is some feat, indeed. The vastness of the work is remarkable, and we see that everyone sets their hearts and minds to make sure that the work of their hands is such that the Lord will be glorified by those who see. And that is the point. These artists followed the pattern given by the Lord, they dedicated themselves to doing exactly what the Lord asked of them, using their skills to make beauty and precision, that all who see would give glory to the God who was being honoured in this way.

What has the Lord given you to do? How has he equipped you for the task he has given you? Will you fulfill what it is you are being called to do, in such a way that all who see, or hear, will want to give glory to this Lord we adore?

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