Exodus 40 - God's Presence

What is your experience of the indwelling Holy Spirit? I have had a profound sense of God’s Spirit talking to me, since my conversion in my teenage years. It started with a voice within telling me to find out more about the cross I say on my window, when I was feeling frightened by evil. But from that time on, in so many different ways, I have known God’s presence. When I saw myself as in prayer intercessor, there were three women I prayed with, and when we prayed for the world and for situations we knew of, we saw together, the situation, the people; indeed a vision that each of us had different parts to pray through. I tell you what, when those things happened, I felt sure that the glory of the Lord must have been shining in my face, so filled with the Holy Spirit did I feel. They were the mountain top experiences. But I have also felt the Holy Spirit through the deepest darkest valley experiences; different to be sure, but still there; a comfort, a strength beyond self.

So Moses set up the tabernacle, and put everything in place, just as the Lord had asked. He made sure the preparation of Aaron and his sons was done in accordance with everything that the Lord had said. Everything had been anointed with the oil; set apart for its holy purpose, the tent, the courtyard, the vessels and the priests. Everything was ready for the people and the Lord to have fellowship. We are told that ‘Moses finished the work’. And then the most wonderful thing happened. Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. The glory of the Lord continued to be with the people, throughout their travels, and all the people knew that the Lord went with them, day and night. Because of Jesus death and resurrection, we also experience the presence of the Lord, day and night, in the mountain tops and in the valley experiences. Moses had to set up everything exactly as the Lord told him, so that his glory could come down and fill the place of meeting. The Holy Spirit indwells us, but I guess, for us to be focussed on that presence, maybe, like Moses, we need to prepare everything so that we are attuned to that glorious presence of the Lord. Consider what are the things you might need to do to prepare yourself to experience the Glory of the Lord with you today?

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