1 Cor 1:1-17

Over the years I have greatly enjoyed camping in the bush in tents; It started with my friends at a very early age and we would camp in the back yard and progressed in late primary years to riding our bikes to the local state forest for a sleep out. In later years it was camping around Tassy and then camping trips with my sons in various parts of Victoria. One enjoyable aspect of this experience has been listening to the various bird songs and marveling at the beautiful inviting sounds they produce. Surprisingly, I was told a few years ago that what is inviting to us is actually intended to warn off other birds – in effect, the song of the bird basically told other birds “Nick off, this is my tree or this is my mate”. This message is similar to what Paul describes in the start of his letter to Corinth in chapter one. Paul is critical of the practice of members of the church in Corinth, publicly esteeming one church leader over another. In effect, their habit of saying “I follow Paul, or I follow Peter or I follow Apollos” is tantamount people saying “this is my tree, nick off, this is the real church, or this is real teaching. Paul's response is to urge the people of the Corinthian church to ‘agree together on what they say” that is, all sing the same song, which ought to be, a song about the gospel of Jesus the Christ and his death on the Cross and his subsequent resurrection (see vs 17). Taking a closer look at verse 10, the beneficial outcome of the people of God, agreeing to sing the same song about the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, is that they will be realigned with the things of God, in attitude and lifestyle. The word used for this realignment is the same word that is used for bringing broken bones back together. In effect, Paul is saying that currently you are as good as a broken limb but you can be made whole through the redeeming message of the gospel of Jesus. What might be needed in your life in order for you to be ‘realigned’ as God’s child within the household of the people of God?

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