2 Cor 1:12-2:4

There are so many ways that we make choices in this world; smaller ones about what to eat and what to wear as well as choices that will impact our whole lives, like getting married, moving or changing jobs. Today’s passage is interesting because we see Paul outlining his options about visiting Corinth, whether to make a return visit to Corinth but here we see Paul changing his mind. Paul seems to be stating that he is not going to visit the community in Corinth, not because he is fickle but because he wanted to spare the Corinthian church his discipline that would inevitably come with his visit. So instead of a visit he writes to them as he determined that a letter would effectively deal with the issues their church was facing. What stood out to me though is that Paul states that Jesus and his promises are the very embodiment of God’s faithfulness.

I also really liked that we are marked for and by God to do his works. I think that this is important to remember, that God has made us his and marked us to do his will in the world and that we have to let our answers be consistent and honest. I don’t think that changing your mind or doing something differently is a bad thing, in fact change can be as good as a holiday. But I think that this passage prompts us to consider why we are making the choices that we do and when we do make choices to think about how they can impact the people we see each day and how they impact the world for Gods glory.

So as you go out into the world have a think about how your choices are impacting the people and the world around you, are you making choices that are centred on Gods will and are you making choices that demonstrate your faith in Jesus the Christ, who is the very embodiment of God’s faithfulness?

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