2 Cor 2:5 -11

Todays reading is a short but powerful passage to contemplate. The way that Christians are prompted to think about their forgiveness is unique and challenging. This passage highlights that we are called to forgive each other and not allow the person who has done the hurting to be overwhelmed with sorrow. This is remarkable when you consider that all people are broken and that we live in a world that is broken. It is unavoidable that at some point we will be in situations where people act out of that brokenness. This passage challenges us to consider the consequences of how we react to that brokenness; either to imitate Jesus and respond with forgiveness and love or to respond in a worldly way. I think that there are always consequences for our actions and when trust is fractured by what we do we must work hard to gain it back and to walk forward. We ought remember the love of God and in turn, how much He loves all of us, even the people that we might find annoying or hurtful.

I find it interesting to note that Paul writes in vs 10-11 that Satan will use our unwillingness to forgive people, against us and to hurt the Church; there is considerable harm implied toward the community, if they don’t forgive people and move forward from that place of hurt. Today as you are out and about, think about relationships you have with others; are you holding onto something that a person has done to you that you ought to forgive or a hurt that you caused others that you need to be forgiven for?

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