2 Cor 2:12 – 17

I am a ‘words’ person. I believe that the words we use to describe self, world and those around us, have the potential to both shape us and define the way we interact with the world. I think that today’s reading points towards a similar view point. Paul is excited to get to Macedonia, to see Titus and was excited to hear of the work that Christ was doing in Macedonia. For Paul, hearing of the work that had been done in their midst was like a fragrance of life spreading. People had been talking about God and the life and Death of Jesus and that people’s faith had grown in that space. Paul also highlights that God was leading the way to how the word was spreading to people.

This is an important thing to think about, for God was going before Paul and creating ways for people to encounter the Holy Spirit so that when Paul and the people he was with arrived at Macedonia they were welcomed and saw a growing faith community. Verse 17 highlights the importance of our integrity, we aren’t using the word of God to bring profit for ourselves but to bring God into the lives of the people around us.

So today as you are talking and spending time with people consider how you are using your words. Are you using them to show people who God is, are you following the prompting of the Holy Spirit in your day to day conversations to bring hope and joy to the people that you are around? And are you allowing the Word of God to deeply impact your life such that God’s word shapes your words?

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