2 Cor 3:1-6

This short passage is a great reminder about how loved we are and in whom we are to place our trust. Paul refers to letters of recommendation and the importance that the opinions of others are to the human way of thinking. Of significance however is whose opinion we let count. Are we placing our value and identity in the flawed opinions of the people around us or are we instead, drawing value and truth from God. The reality is that it does feel good to receive admiration and affirmation from the people around us; It’s nice to be appreciated and feel valued. When those opinions turn negative however, and we learn that we aren’t as well thought of as we once thought, it can leave some deep scares on us.

I have had the chance to walk with God for a little while now and I can say that while I still like to hear that people think I am doing a good job and that I have a positive impact on people, I have also learnt that I am more than what these people see. I have learnt that when I place God front and centre in my life, and I am walking in the footsteps of Jesus, the value I place in the opinions of others changes. I am able to appreciate the affirmation of others and accept the learning points of negative opinions before letting them go because I trust in Gods opinion of me. God knows that I am broken and that I struggle with life sometimes but still God is moves ahead of me, and His Spirit is transforming me into the best version of myself.

So take a moment today to consider the love that God has for you and when you have dwelt closely with Him, rejoice in the difference such a relationship with God has on the way you process other peoples opinions of you.

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