2 Cor 11:1-15 – Simplicity is key

This week I had an older member of our GWAC community join me on campus at Monash, to help serve pancakes to students. As I watched him slowly share and interact with students 60 years younger than him I couldn’t help but think, ‘he may not know all the student lingo, he may not be a fast at communicating but my goodness the knowledge and wisdom he has to share is remarkable’. I listened to him talk about smuggling bibles into different countries and share how he came to faith, and though his words weren’t perfect, the message glorified God and had an impact on the listening students. What comes to mind when I read our passage to is…‘it is far better to be plain in speech, yet walking consistently with the gospel, then to be admired by thousands, and be lifted up in pride, yet be sharing a false gospel’ (v4-8). Paul is showing the differences between him and these ‘super-apostles’. Paul owns the fact that he isn’t the best speaker nor is he well trained, however he reminds the Corinthians that he does have knowledge. The individuals who were attacking Paul, the super-apostles, were apparently powerful speakers, able to sway the crowds with how they spoke. However, in verse 7 we see Paul ‘lowering himself’ or humbling himself in order to honour and exalt the Corinthians, despite what some of them were saying about him.

How often do we find ourselves listening to the ‘most eloquent’ voice or the ‘most researched’ person in the room? Sometimes I think God uses the simplest ways to communicate His message to us. Just as Paul did in verse 7…What are some ways you can humble yourself so that others may be exalted this week? Or how are you seeking to listen to those who may be the ‘untrained speaker’ yet hold much knowledge?

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