There is Power in the Name of Jesus (Acts 2:41 – 3:11)

Those who have experienced personal encounter with Jesus are always delighted to come to church to worship God, to have fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, and to encourage each other in faith. However, those who have not yet known Jesus do not have hope when they are in a bad situation, just like the man in this passage, who was lame from birth. All he could do was sit and beg for a little money from others. It is only because of God’s grace through Peter and John that he heard about Jesus and experienced miraculous healing in the name of Jesus.

The presence of believers who preach the good news of Jesus and bring hope is desperately needed. One day, the house keeper who works for our family (who is a Muslim) with tears in her eyes told me that her three-year old grandson was admitted to the hospital with dengue fever. He was in a critical condition because he did not get early treatment and doctors had given up hope on him getting better. I invited her to join me in praying together for her grandson in the name of Jesus.

Two weeks later, she came back and gave me a hug, saying that her grandson recovered from the illness. She thanked me for my prayers. I was moved and felt joyful because Jesus heard and answered our prayers, and He declared His power. The Lord is at work when we tell people about Him.

The name of Jesus is wonderful, powerful, and more precious than whatever we could give to those who have not known Him. May you make this your prayer today - Dear Lord, please give us courage to testify about the truth and salvation in Jesus.

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