Let Us Preach the Gospel! (Acts 3:12 – 4:4)

Peter and John attract a lot of attention after they perform a miracle by healing a man who was lame from birth. The people were filled with amazement and they were waiting for an explanation. Finally, Peter spoke in front of the crowd in the place called Solomon’s Colonnade.

Acts 3

Verse 12: Peter questions the crowd who think that the healing power comes from John and himself.

  • There are many people who are in awe of seeing miracles. They are even more impressed of the pastors/ministers who perform the miracles than of God the miracle giver. When God uses us to pray for a sick person and the person is healed, may we learn from Peter and John not to give credit to ourselves but to explain who is behind the miracle and the answer to prayers.

Verses 13-15: Peter explains to the crowd that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of their forefathers, has glorified Jesus whom they handed over to be killed and whom they have disowned before Pilate, although Pilate has decided to let Him go. Peter emphasises that they have rejected Jesus and have even chosen a murderer to be released in His place. Peter further points out that they are the ones who killed Jesus, but God has raised Him from the dead. Peter and John are the witnesses to His resurrection.

  • We need to realise and make others realised that Jesus died on the cross because of us.

Verse 16: Peter finally gives answer to their amazement (from verse 12) that faith in the name of Jesus has healed the lame man.

  • We need to believe in the Lord Jesus, because there is power only in His name.

Verses 17-18: Peter tells them that what they did to Jesus is a result of their ignorance and their leaders’ ignorance. Peter also says this is how God fulfils what He has foretold; that His Messiah would suffer.

  • There are many people who are not yet aware of their sinfulness. Let us preach the Gospel to them so that they know Jesus.

Verse 19: Peter moves on to an important point, which is to make them aware of their sin and invite them to repent so that their sins are forgiven.

  • In addition to reminding people of their sins, we also need to ask them to repent.

Verses 20-21: Peter gives hope for relief and restoration of everything, which is when Jesus returns for the second time.

  • We have hope in Jesus.

Verses 22-23: Peter advises the people to listen to everything Jesus tells them, and reminds them that anyone who does not listen to Him will be completely cut off and annihilated.

  • Preaching the Gospel needs to be done firmly, by reminding people of God’s punishment.

Verses 24-26: Peter affirms that the prophecies are about them and God sent Jesus for them to bless and to get them to repent.

  • God has declared His Love for us in Jesus Christ. We need to respond to this love!

Acts 4

Verses 1-3: Peter and John were visited and then arrested by the priests, the temple guards, and the Sadducees.

  • Do not be afraid to suffer for the sake of the Gospel!

Verse 4: About 5000 men from the group of people who listened to Peter’s words and teaching believed in the Gospel.

  • Remember that preaching the Gospel is not an exercise in futility.

When we preach the Gospel, the focus always has to be on Jesus Christ and not ourselves. The Gospel is powerful, and it convicts us about our sins, about our need for salvation, and calls us to repentance. It will give a new hope in Jesus Christ for those who listen and believe. Let us respond to God’s love and salvation through words of praise and through sharing of the Gospel. And let us determine today to be available to Him and to follow his leading as we interact with others. God bless.

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