Acts 12:1-25 – Courageous Prayer

Have you ever been in a place where you were earnestly praying out of sheer desperation? One memory of this level of intensity is some years ago joining with family in praying earnestly for a person following an unexpected heart attack.. I remember praying earnestly with every part of my being that God would fill her body with the breath of life, and other members of the family prayed similarly. She made an incredible, and somewhat unexpected recovery, and within a few days was sitting up, talking to everyone, wondering what the fuss was about.

I imagine the prayer of the church in v5 is a similarly desperate and earnest prayer. James, one of their number, had just been killed and it looked like Peter would be next. In their own strength they were completely powerless to stop it, yet God was not. Despite the presence of guards surrounding Peter, the chains on his wrists, and the iron gates, God rescued Peter from that situation and miraculously brought him to freedom. He testified of God’s goodness to the other believers who struggled to believe it was him!

We believe in an all-powerful God; a God capable of the miraculous and of intervening in what humanly speaking, seems impossible. Sometimes in our independent, self-sufficient culture we lose sight of the power of God, and the incredible things he can do. Is there one way you would like to see God move powerfully in your world or one thing that you could earnestly pray for over the next week? Take courage, pray to our all-powerful God that he might intervene, even in the impossible.

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