ACTS 19:1-22

I became a believer over 20 years ago. The Holy spirit was within me, but I did not know or fully understand. Now, the Holy spirit is like a close friend, a counsellor, a refuge, and for me, my rock. On a daily basis I pray and talk to Him, more often in times of need, but praise Him as well. He walks with me every step of every day leading and guiding me.

In today’s passage we see Paul come across a group of disciples, v2 “and asked them, “did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” They answered, No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.” They said they were baptized by John. Paul baptized them and immediately the Holy Spirit came on them and they demonstrated gifts of the Spirit, speaking in tongues and prophesying.

Stott writes, “the norm of Christian experience, then, is a cluster of four things: repentance, faith in Jesus, water baptism and the gift of the Spirit.” Today the most unknown person of the trinity in our churches is often the Holy Spirit, despite how often he is spoken of in scripture. We are often comfortable with the first four of Stott’s norms, but would prefer if the gift of the Spirit was quiet, or perhaps more controlled. Perhaps some of us have seen the gifts of the Spirit used poorly or in a disordered way.

Be assured and do not worry, we are not all skilled to speak in tongues or prophesy. God has given us all different spiritual gifts, but we are all given the gift of the Holy Spirit. What does it mean for you to know that God in His Spirit is dwelling with you as you walk through everyday life? How can you be more aware of this today? How can you make space to hear his voice or step out using the gifts he has given you. Spend some time reflecting on praying on the role of the Holy Spirit in your discipleship journey.

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