Acts 21:37-22:21 - Your story is more powerful than you think

Have you ever wondered why we love hearing stories?

Our stories are one of our most powerful forms of communication. They’re not limited to words spoken from one person to another; stories span countries, audiences and generations. They can be told on a page, in pictures, television, movies, radio and online. No matter what age you are or where in the world you’re from, everyone enjoys a good story.

So we have Paul here…sharing his story. Paul recounts his upbringing, religious training, and conversion to Christianity with the crowd.

There are few things more powerful and captivating than just a regular story…and that is a story about how Jesus can change someone’s entire life. Paul could have argued the finer points of the law with anyone in the crowd. He could have expounded on Jesus’ fulfilment of every nook and cranny of Old Testament prophecy. Instead, Paul shared his story of transformation with a vicious mob. A murderer of Christians morphed into a preacher of the Gospel — now that is seriously compelling stuff!

Friends, we all have a story to tell. And each of our stories are uniquely crafted because not one of us has the same journey. When we call ourselves followers of Jesus we are saying… “YES! We know we have been rescued from a life of sin and disobedience and YES we are set free to follow Jesus” and that is a story worth telling. God does not call us to be articulate salesmen or well- educated theologians or perfect story tellers. He has equipped us better than that. God has given each of us a story of transformation and the power of the Gospel. So today…my prayer for you is that you get an opportunity to share your story…to share how God continues to shape and transform you. So…who are we sharing our stories with?

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