Acts 25:23-26:32

A transformed life is a powerful thing. It’s inspiring. It’s noticeable. It can be shocking. And for our purposes today, perhaps the most important attribute of a transformed life is that it’s intriguing. Have you ever met someone who lost a ton of weight? Or maybe someone who went through some major life crisis but has now found peace and it has just changed their whole demeanour? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? You have questions, right? “How did you do it?!” “How can I do it too? Where do I begin?”

“What inspired this change?” In verses 12-18 Paul tells the story of his personal encounter with Jesus and his ensuing transformation. He retells the story of Jesus confronting him on the road to Damascus and Jesus’ instructions for him, telling Agrippa that, as a faithful Jew, he was obedient to this divine command (v.19). Consequently, he explains in verses 19-23, he went to Damascus, Jerusalem, Judea, and to the Gentiles to confirm for them the reality of this Jesus who had appeared to him and changed his life. He explains in verse 21 that this is what the Jews found him doing in the temple and that’s why he was on trial. But the fact was that he was not preaching anything that disagreed with the Old Testament prophets or Moses himself! And then he showed, as Jesus did, how the Messiah was to suffer, to die and to rise again, according to the Scriptures as his defence against their charges.

What stands out for me from this passage? We see a perfect example, once again, of the type of evangelistic fervour we must have – a heart of love for those who don’t know Christ. Paul was overwhelmed by what God had done for him and he didn’t care if he had to lose his life doing so, he was going to tell anyone and everyone about Jesus. His life was transformed, and he wanted to share why and how. I hope you see and understand the power of a transformed life. Paul was a great speaker, he was great at arguing a case, but the power behind all his preaching was his life. He was a changed man and everyone could see it clearly. Who can you tell your story of transformation to this week?

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