Luke 1:26-38

Do not be afraid...

How many times do we need to hear these words before we really begin to hear them?

How many times do we find these words spoken to God’s chosen people?

Do not be afraid Abraham (Gen 15:1; 26:24; 46:3).

Do not be afraid Hagar (Gen 21:17).

Do not be afraid Moses (Num 21:34).

Do not be afraid Joshua (Josh 1:9; 8:1; 10:8; 11:6).

Do not be afraid Elijah (2 Kings 1:15).

Do not be afraid Israel (Isa 10:24; 41:10).

Do not be afraid Jacob (Jer 30:10).

Do not abe afraid Daniel (Dan 10:12).

Do not be afraid Joseph (Mtt 1:20).

The list goes on and on…

“Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favour with God.” (Lk 1:30)

We live in a world driven by fear… Fear that we won’t ever have enough, so we strive to fill our pockets with more “stuff". Fear that we aren’t important enough, so we strive to claim what little “power" we can. Fear that nobody loves us, so we strive to find "meaning” in the earthly relationships.

And then we find that the “stuff" we fill our pockets with fades away. The “power” we claimed only holds us captive all the more. That “meaning” we thought we found in those earthly relationships, was shattered from the beginning.

And yet, as we stand before the Lord, He says to us, “Do not be afraid”.

We do not fear because He sent His son to be birthed by Mary, in the form of a weak and powerless baby.

We do not fear because this expectant child will have the authority of a KING, being “Son of the Most High". We do not fear because this child will have a KINGDOM, “as the Lord will give him the throne of his father David”. We do not fear because his reign will be ETERNAL, as “his kingdom will never end”.

And so we have the faith of Mary, who responds to the angel with the words… “I am the Lord’s servant.”

Questions To Reflect Upon

  1. Where does fear enter into your life right now?

  2. What might it look like to move from fear to faith?

  3. How might your advent season be shaped by this truth?

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