Letting God Refine

Is it as easy as two ways to live?

So often my mouth runs away showing annoyance as a car cuts me off or as I prevent a merging car into the flow of traffic because they moved before they indicated like an entitled driver. I am thankful of these times as it reminds me I’m still battling in this world. Not about road etiquette but that I want to desire something deeper. A behaviour and character that seeks refuge in the way of Jesus.

As in Proverbs 12, I want to endure, to promote peace and have joy. To know God delights in me and to be a person who seeks Jesus and finds Jesus.

I was struck by the thought that the foolish aren’t shallow or without, but Proverbs 8 reminds me their treasure fades. I want to be rooted in good soil, being fed kind words, adding to my learning, standing firm, listening to Jesus and having my measure of riches found in my character.

The commentary in life is so loud, hearing from family, work colleagues, friends and even my personal expectations.

I have to remind myself, take a step back, breathe, consider why I am annoyed. Is it because I’m running late? Consider why they are wanting to merge, could they also be running late! The irony is my mouth was praising God at the time from leaving an encouraging lunch with a women’s life group who have adopted me at their link missionary. Proverbs 10, in your face! This mouth in the next breath was cursing one of God’s created beings!

It is clear there are two ways we could live; with or without God’s guidance and instruction. The refining part of change is the challenge.

Thankfully God is in it with us and delights when we are listening, adding to our knowledge and being people who seek Jesus and find life in him and wisdom in choosing the treasure that endures and fruit that is better than fine gold.

Dear God, today I choose kind words that cheer other up, pray that I don’t confuse wisdom with folly. Thank you for Jesus, that I can seek him and he can be found. Thank you for GWAC, that we are a community desiring to add to our learning and be rooted in your wisdom that endures forever. Amen.

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