It is easy to overlook the Old Testament book of Obadiah. It has only one chapter and 21 verses. Obadiah is a minor prophet, but his prophesy is far from being minor in its fulfilment.

The prophesy of Obadiah is in the Word of God so we will do well to not over look Obadiah! it starts with the words. "This is what the Sovereign Lord says about Edom". Whenever we see those words we need to pay proper attention of what follows.

Most of Obadiah’s prophecy has to do with Edom, a long-standing enemy of Israel. The ending gives great hope to God’s people. Restoration is on the way for a beaten-down nation "And the kingdom will be the Lord’s".

What grabs our attention in particular can be found in verses 8 to 14. It says that a day is coming when the Lord will judge Edom. It most definitely will be a handing out of justice for the wrong doings that have been committed. There will be nowhere to hide when the LORD GOD hands down His judgement on Edom. It makes us think about the handing down of justice for our times and what this might mean for us.

There is in Obadiah a lesson for our current world, one where it has become obsessed with 'me and my' and where outright mockery of Jesus is seemingly acceptable in all forms of media. They mock Jesus, and ignore His Word the Bible. This has come with a general decline in morality. So what should be our reaction to knowing people will be punished? Are we happy that they will get exactly what they deserve or should be concerned for their eternity?

Obadiah mentions eight negatives we are to shun. Verses 11-14 display attitudes we should get rid of. It is simple to say but hard to do and unfortunately, the reality is that many of us simply can’t. So, we must ask for the Holy Spirit’s help. Then kindness will come to the surface.

Rather than enjoy their downfall, what we must do is pray for those who hate us and our God. Yes, this is exactly what Jesus tells us to do (Matt. 5:44). Even to love them? As difficult as it may seem, on our own it is too much to expect. Again, we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us do what we can’t do in our own strength.

Obadiah helps us all reconsider our attitudes by putting them on God’s scale. And then to reform them with the Holy Spirit’s help.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide our thoughts and actions.

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