Don’t stop praying while we wait to get to the “other side!"

Don’t stop praying while we wait to get to the “other side!"

While there has been some good news this past week with a reduction in reported Corona virus cases each day and even talk around the softening of some of the restrictions placed upon people, there is every indication that this pandemic will continue to affect us all for some time. Church gatherings are most likely one of the last places where restrictions will be lifted. So, we are in it for the long haul. And while we are endeavouring to be as connected as possible, with the Sunday live stream being our most obvious expression of being together as a church family, it is also important that we put in place other sustainable systems and process that keep us connected. So how effective we are in being “church” at home, now, will have huge iimplications for us when we get to the “other side” (whatever that might be!).

As I have been contacting people around GWAC it is pleasing to hear how people are being creative in their online meetings, in lifegroups and gospel communities, and I have no doubt there are many other meetings going on that I don’t even know about. I want to invite us all to be praying that our conversations will be seasoned with salt and life-giving words to whoever we are talking to. I have found it easier to have gospel conversations in this season, with people who are far away from Jesus, because right now, more than ever, people are looking for hope and a way through this pandemic. I believe, along with all Christians, that Jesus is this hope of the world and so what we say and do now will help us get to ‘the other side’ and strengthen us on the other side as well. Therefore, keep praying for one another, and for our non-believing friends and family members to come to a trust and understanding of the Lordship of Jesus in our lives, despite the circumstances we are in.

Compassion and the Mission of Truth Church (Surabaya) Just before Easter, Compassion contacted me and asked if GWAC would promote the sponsorship of three kids who have been waiting for a sponsor through the Mission of Truth Church project in Surabaya. I’m please to say that one child sponsorship has already been taken up and there are two more children left. You can find out more details about these children and about child sponsorship in general at the following link. And if you are interested in sponsoring one or both of the children, then please make an online enquiry to GWAC sponsors around 123 children through Compassion, and our link with the Mission of Truth Church and Pastor Sartono has been a longstanding and worthwhile mission project. God bless,

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