(FINAL) Vision 2025 Report

Please check the link below, for the latest update in the Envisioning Process (pdf).

(FINAL) Vision 2025 Presentation (by Frank Gribi)

31 Oct 2019

Please check the link below, for the latest update in the Envisioning Process (pdf).

11 Sept 2019

Information related to Vision 2025 engagement in September is available in the link below (pdf of presentation).

28 Aug 2019

As advised mid-August, the Taskforce has evaluated the input that was received in the six July prayer engagement sessions, via the GWAC survey and at the prayer night in May.


This led to 7 themes that formed the basis of the four August focus sessions, with those who are leaders in the GWAC community, members of the Governance Board and GWAC staff.


The 7 themes are:


  • Christ Centered

  • Courage

  • Demonstrating and Sharing God’s Love

  • Diverse and Inclusive Community

  • Growth and Equipping

  • Listening and Responding to God

  • Selfless and Sacrificial


There is a bit more information available around these themes and you can find theme related ‘word maps’ displayed on the Vision 2025 Noticeboard next to the fireplace in the fellowship area and on the glass to the left of the doors that lead into the auditorium (also available in the link below).


There is one more step in the engagement process before we develop the draft Vision 2025.


All GWAC members will get a chance to discern and provide final input on God’s Vision for GWAC for 2025. This will occur between Sunday 8 – Sunday 15 September 2019. Simply attend one of the gathered celebrations on either of those two Sundays (even better, attend both), or the Wednesday service or Ignite. The activity will be short and give each GWAC member the chance to individually contribute. Instructions will be provided at each service.


On behalf of the Vision 2025 Taskforce – In Christ.


Frank Gribi

Chair of the Vision 2025 Taskforce

13 Aug 2019

Discerning God's Vision: Seven Themes

9 Aug 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to one of the six prayer engagement sessions in July. 113 people attended overall and there was a good representation from all services and age groups as can be seen in the pdf attached (link below). The Taskforce was encouraged by your prayerful participation and we hope you found the sessions engaging and worthwhile. The Taskforce is currently evaluating all the information received.

Next, there will be three focus sessions with those who serve as leaders in the GWAC community (these sessions are by invitation only). These three sessions run between Sunday 18 - Thursday 22 August 2019.  

After the three focus sessions , there will be opportunity for all GWAC members to discern and provide final input on God’s Vision for GWAC for 2025. This will occur between Sunday 8 -Sunday 15 September 2019.

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July Envisioning Sessions

Sessions in July (choose ONE session)

As advised at the Envisioning Services on Sunday 30 June, the Taskforce has endeavoured to provide a variety of Engagement Prayer Session opportunities from which a member of the GWAC Community can choose one, and attend.  The sessions will all be based around discerning God's voice via prayer and reflection and will be led by members of the Taskforce. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will be served halfway through the sessions.


Please arrive 15 minutes before as sessions will commence on time (e.g. 6.45pm for a 7-9pm session). Please bring along your Bible for personal discernment as God might prompt you to reflect on particular Bible passages. .


The six sessions will take place on the following days in July; we invite you to attend any ONE of them:

  • Session 1: Mon 15th July, 7-9pm

  • Session 2: Sun 21 July, 2-4pm (with kids' program)

  • Session 3: Thur 25 July, 7-9pm

  • Session 4: Sat 27 July, 2-4pm (with kids' program)

  • Session 5: Tues 30 July, 7-9pm

  • Session 6: Wed 31 July, 11.15am - 12.30pm

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Envisioning Engagement Service- Sun 30 June 2019

The following were presented:

  • Vision, Purpose Values (Drew Mellor): PDF

  • Survey Feedback (Bree Mills): PDF

  • Vision 2025 Timeline (Frank Gribi): PDF

  • Devotion Transcript (Frank Gribi): PDF

  • Devotion PPT (Frank Gribi): PDF

  • Devotion MP3 (Frank Gribi): available here

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  • ​Vision Task-force Terms of Reference: PDF

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