Weddings at gwac

We at GWAC are pleased to discuss with you the possibility of helping you make your wedding day a memorable and significant occasion.


We know that selecting the Celebrant and place for your ceremony is only one of many decisions you need to make, as is deciding on the specifics of content within the service.


As a Christian faith community, GWAC is committed to helping couples in the significant transition to married life. We are able to assist you in crafting a ceremony that will be welcoming to your guests, meaningful to your family members, and God-honouring in focus.


There are three separate yet connected phases to the preparation of a Wedding at St Barnabas Ministry Centre, Glen Waverley Anglican Church.

1. Notice of Intent to Marry: 

This is a document (a form), which is provided by us, and is a legal prerequisite to marriage. Proof of identity and other such documentation is required. Up to 18 months notice can be given of your intent to marry, but a notice must be given at least ONE month prior to the date of marriage to one of our authorized marriage celebrants:

  • Rev’d Phil Meulman

  • Rev’d Bree Mills

2. Participation in the Marriage Preparation Course (including Prepare Inventory): 

Marriage Preparation is important for couples who desire to build strong foundations for a lasting marriage. All couples seeking to marry at Glen Waverley Anglican Church are required to participate in Marriage Preparation. The cost of Marriage Preparation is $250. Details are provided upon request.

3. Preparation of Service of Celebration:

Together with the church pastor, the couple will look over the basic service structure and decide on what extra items to include or modify. A draft order of service is available on request for consideration by the engaged couple and their family. Because we offer a Christian service, we will always include:

  • Consent of couple and congregation,

  • Vows,

  • Bible reading and reflection,

  • Declaration of Marriage and Blessing,

  • Prayer for the couple,

  • Signing of the register and

  • Presentation of the couple.

These cover what is required legally and by the Church. There are other items that you may include with the approval of the Senior Pastor or Senior Associate Pastor. 

Once this is done, you are free to produce an Order of Service if you so desire. This would be at your discretion and cost. There is no practical need for the provision of an outline for all guests, but it is a common occurrence.

Please contact the Manager - Administrative Services

9560 7494 for more details.

Fees and associated costs
Other things you should consider

  • If you have been divorced, the current protocol in the Anglican Church is to obtain permission from the Bishop before the ceremony is conducted.

  • Please discuss with the Pastor as early as possible, should you decide to have your own musician involved in the service. 

  • You will need to appoint two people over the age of 18 to be your official witnesses. They will sign the register and certificates. They can be either male or female.

  • A church ceremony will take from forty minutes to one hour depending on what you include in the service. Please allow one hour.

Off-site Weddings

Getting married in a location other than St Barnabas Ministry Centre (Glen Waverley Anglican Church) is possible under certain circumstances, pending approval of regional Bishop and others as necessary.


Please discuss your request with the Pastor prior to booking your wedding. The fee for a service and associated preparations at a location other than St Barnabas Ministry Centre (Glen Waverley Anglican Church) is $400, provided your service is held within 30 minutes’ drive of Glen Waverley. This fee covers the consultation and preparation of your service, but excludes Marriage Preparation.

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