Working Bee

28th November 2020, any time between 8:30am-12.30pm

Tasks to be completed:

Prep Room  

  • Tidy bench tops and throw out rubbish (Garbage Bag) 

  • Wipe down bench tops and front of cupboards (Cleaner & Cloth) 

  • Wipe windows and sills 

  • Vacuum floor area Vacuum 



  • Wipe down all chairs (Cleaner & Cloth 

  • Tidy sound/AV area, putting everything away 

  • Wipe windows and sills  

  • Vacuum around chairs 

  • Clean Perspex drum panels and reassemble 

  • Box up Cables Storage Boxes 



  • Move Baptism font back to auditorium & clean (Cleaner & Cloth) 

  • Check through books on shelves and get rid of damaged books (Garbage Bag) 

  • Tidy books  

  • Tidy toys 

  • Dust windowsills and frames 

  • Dust Shelves and benchtops 

  • Vacuum floor area (Vacuum) 

  • Pack bibles into books and place in hall storeroom (Packing Boxes) 



  • Dust Keyboard (cleaner and cloth) 

  • Dust Table 

  • Dust Window Frames 

  • Vacuum 

Meeting Room 3 

  • Dust window frames 

  • Dust heater 

  • Reinstate TV 

  • Reinstate Table and chairs 

  • Wipe down cupboard doors 

  • Tidy and wipe down shelves 

  • Vacuum 


Foyer & Fellowship Area 

  • Dust all stands, door & sills 

  • Dust shelves near heater 

  • Dist and wipe down card area 

  • Reinstate light fitting on fellowship wall near chapel 

  • Dust heater in fellowship are and clean filter 

  • Dust all double power points and window sills in foyer 


Meeting Room 1&2 

  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors 

  • Windows and window sills 

  • Clean chairs and tables 

  • Remove all pinboard displays 

  • MU to sort and store their items 

  • Playgroup leaders working bee 

  • Clean kitchen Cupboards 

  • Sort crockery cupboard 



  • Weeding 

  • Pool noodles placed back on poles 

  • Trimming plants and lower tree branches 

  • Spare chairs to next gen shed 

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(03) 9560 7494 

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